We sell reconditioned used bicycles for commuting, recreation or just for trips around the neighborhood.  Our bicycles are cleaned, tuned-up, quality-checked and guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.    Bicycles are ONLY available by delivery.   Delivery is SUNDAY.   We deliver to Manhattan,  all near Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods--and there is no extra cost to you!    We have NO retail outlet in NYC --our store is all right here, online for you!
Available bikes ordered are intended for delivery this Sunday.
Here's How it Works   --   Please Read our Policies Carefully
To Place an Order:
Fill out and send the online order using the link above..   IMPORTANT--Bikes are not considered sold until :
(1) we receive all your information,
(2) you receive a reply from us and
(3) all sale and delivery details are agreed by both parties in email.
Note: The bike will be delivered that Sunday.  We do not hold over to future dates unless you arrange to pay in full in advance.

Cost of bike is paid cash in- full, upon delivery.  No deposit is necessary.   You will be provided with a proper receipt at that time.

Please note that  we DO NOT take in bikes in trade.   We do not buy bicycles from the NYC area.
We arrange by email Sunday's delivery time based on the delivery address you provide. Delivery is to the curb--we will not enter your building.   There will be time to make necessary adjustments and time for you to test ride.  It is important to us that you feel comfortable with your bike before we leave.

Our Guarantee:
Take the week after delivery to see that  the bike will suit your needs.  Not working out? Notify us within that week in an email. You will have the option of having us make the necessary improvements, adjustments or repairs to the bike, OR you may trade for full value to another bike we have in stock.   Just take care of it in the meantime!

Not Ready to Order? Feel free to
CONTACT US if you have further questions.

Thank you for your interest in our bicycles!
John McFarlane, Owner
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